Video Resume

If a picture can say a 100 words, what amazing things can your Video Resume say!

Video Resume

How should I upload video resume ? Its Simple, Its easy
  • Get the app from Google Play Store.
  • Install and Login in through Gmail OR Facebook
  • Record & Submit your Video Resume – shoot your video as many times as you want till its perfect.
  • Let the world see you
  • Share your video resume across social media, your network to get noticed by potential employers across the world.

What is a sample video resume?

Video resume is an important element in HappyMinds as it provides an edge to job seekers in the market. So to have an edge, your video resume should be compiled efficiently with good ambience and setup. By understanding the importance, Happyminds provides a feature to job seekers to shoot a trial video resume before taking the original. Job seekers can use this feature to practice before creating their profile on the app

The concept of sending your resume in the Video format from Happy Minds job search app is quite fascinating. Uploading a video resume using our app is quite simple and would certainly create a great advantage. It would keep you ahead of competition!

Job seekers can draw the attention of their prospective employers by demonstrating communication skills, and charismatic personality! But, are you new to this? Don’t worry! We have here with us a set of Dos and Don’ts that would help resolve any doubts you have while creating and uploading your Video Resume! You just have to keep in mind these tips to create a sweeping impression on your prospective employers.


  • Check your equipment and prepare ahead of time.
  • Be relaxed while recording the video.
  • From head to toe dress professionally.
  • Ensure that you record the video in a well lit room with light in front of you.
  • Ensure that you record in clean room.
  • Make eye contact with the webcam while sitting in the center of the frame.
  • Ensure that there is privacy and see to it that there are no distractions.
  • Ensure that there is no noise around.
  • Treat the video recording as though it were an in person interview.
  • Speak in a calm and clear voice.


  • Don’t make last hour preparations.
  • Don’t have too much coffee or energy drinks that make you nervous or jittery.
  • Don’t be dressed casually.
  • Don’t sit in the dark or near a window that creates improper lighting.
  • Don’t record the video in a dirty or clumsy environment.
  • Don’t position yourself to the side of the webcam.
  • Don’t sit in a noisy room.
  • Don’t yell, whisper or rush through the recording.
  • Don’t treat it like a general video chatting session..

FAQs on Exciting features of Selfie Video Resume Graphic Designer

I already have a text resume. Why should I create a Video Resume?

Though you have a text resume, adding your video resume provides a lot of information to your prospective employer, which cannot be done in a text resume. Video resumes help the employer to assess the soft skills of an employee. Skills like communication, confidence, motivation, and charisma can be showcased in a video resume and cannot be done in a text resume.

Do employers really want video resumes?
Yes, they indeed prefer video resumes as it saves them a lot of time! Testing for soft skills on a video resumes saves employers a lot of time.
For what types of positions is it apt to go for a video resume?
It is appropriate for any kind of post. Video Resumes are perfect to showcase professional skills for any position.
Can I create my video resume?
You can. Just choose a clean room with proper lighting and no noise. Just get going.
What should I wear while recording the video resume?
It is recommended that you wear professional clothes.

Job Seekers – What is Selfie Video Resume?

If a picture can say a 100 words, what amazing things can your Video Resume say!

DO U KNOW : Your profile is viewed for less than 7 seconds by Interviewer. Upload your video resume through our APP and get the Interviewer’s attention for a full 60 seconds !!!!

DO U KNOW : Your Video resume has 66% more chance as compared to traditional way of hiring

A video resume lets the employer see you and hear your story via our Happy Minds APP, In fact, your 60 second video resume can give you a better chance at showcasing your skills and work you've accomplished. Take few minutes of your time to get your career graph shaped. Download our app to search and apply for jobs. Create your video profile right from your mobile, go video and get noticed.

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